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Get ready, for a new way of working!

Led by an on-site Life team, it is dedicated to making tenant’s lives easier and healthier.

They, along with the dedicated app, are helping to create a more collaborative and productive community, be it booking meeting rooms, receiving health and wellbeing tips, organising events and classes, to local shopping and activity discounts.

It is designed to achieve a simple goal; to create and promote an office environment where tenants can be happier and healthier. This tenant-focused approach follows the Confederation of British Industry’s survey that revealed two-thirds of companies viewed workplace wellbeing one of the most important issues. A trend which will only increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Bespoke activities include everything from yoga, DeskFit virtual class and Circuit training.

We were one of the first commercial landlords to include gyms and studios into our buildings with the portfolio of onsite amenities soon expanding to include initiatives ranging from multi-faith rooms, bike servicing stations, showers and drying rooms, garden games to flexible lease workspace to respond to market trends.

Ultimately the Life team aims to make our buildings the best places to work in the UK. Something which will appeal to businesses and its staff who often spend more time at work than home.

Life at Stuart House