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Sustainability Forum - An Introduction to Digital Sustainability

The Sustainability Forum is a Stuart House initiative to help bring our tenants together to share best practices and learn about different ways their businesses can become more sustainable.

Forums are held quarterly with a different topic each time – a specialist in that subject will present a short talk and explain ways to implement changes.

We were delighted to have Kayleigh with us last month for our first sustainability forum of 2024!

The presentation on Digital Carbon Emissions was extremely interesting our tenants were very engaged and enjoyed the discussions.

For example, did you know that an average worker receives 121 emails a day which translated to 1,642g of C02 emissions? Or that storing 1 terabyte of data on the Cloud will produce approximately 2.7kg of CO2 per year?

Our day-to-day business running cannot be done without email, cloud or any I.T. use but we can try to minimise our impact by reducing or choosing providers that offset emissions.

It is important that we are aware that carbon emissions aren’t just generated by cars or factories but many other things we do online also have a massive impact when you consider the number of worldwide users.

Kakadu Creative has shared with us an e-book of – An introduction to Digital Carbon Emissions
Carbon Emissions

Our next forum we will be Greening your businesses finances.